Automatic tool changer
This system automaticly changes tools during processing. It lets to save time for jobs which need several tools for processing. Controller saves lenght of each tool in the system. As the result, it is not nesesarry to measure tool lenght after changing of a tool by this system. VOLTER automatic tool changer has 7 positions for tools.
IP camera
The option allows to cut the printed image along the contour. Printed image is placed on the machine and after starting the job, the camera checks locations of marks. Special software of the machine make adjustments to the job file.
Tangential knife
The blade automatically rotates in the direction of cutting. Stepper motor is used to rotate the blade. It is possible to cut various materials by this knife: plastics, leather, fabrics, corrugated cardboard. The oscillation mode of the blade allows to cut honeycomb materials, rubber and other soft materials.
VECTRIC VCarve software V10 Coming Soon
Vectric company releases new version 10 of its software which will launched this September. More
One more VOLTER CNC Router in Czech Republic
Next installation of VOLTER L2016 CNC Router was done near the town of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. More
VOLTER opens a new point on the map of Europe
Now the machines from Czech manufacturer can be viewed, tested and purchased in Bulgaria More
63rd International TECHNICAL FAIR in Belgrade
We invite you to visit our booth at the TECHNIKA 2019 International Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibition will be held from 21 to 24 May at the International Exhibition Center in Belgrade. More
MasterVac dust collectors are available to supply with VOLTER CNC Routers
Volter company has entered into an agreement to supply industrial dust collectors from the Italian company MasterVac. More
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