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VOLTER CNC Routers with automatic tool changer
VOLTER automatic tool changer system has 7 tools positions. It lets to increase machine productivity and minimize the tool change time.
VOLTER CNC Routers with digital registration system (IP Camera)
Add VOLTER CNC Router with IP camera to the printer in your workshop. This system can visually recognize media registration marks and automatically compensate for skew and printed image drift.
VOLTER CNC Routers with knife cutting option (tangential knife)
It is very efficient solution for cutting cardboard, corrugated board, leather, and foamed PVC.
Company R.M.I. Production uses the VOLTER L2016 to produce electric guitars.
Company R.M.I. Production (Czech Republic) has been manufacturing measuring equipment, sensors and mechanical parts for more than 25 years. Last year, the company installed VOLTER L2016 CNC Router and started production of exclusive electric guitars. More
VOLTER CNC Router can be long
This is VOLTER L8020 CNC Router with processing area 8200 * 2150 mm. Length of this CNC Router is 9.3 m and weight is more than 4 tonns. More
VECTRIC VCarve software V10 Coming Soon
Vectric company releases new version 10 of its software which will launched this September. More
One more VOLTER CNC Router in Czech Republic
Next installation of VOLTER L2016 CNC Router was done near the town of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. More
VOLTER opens a new point on the map of Europe
Now the machines from Czech manufacturer can be viewed, tested and purchased in Bulgaria More
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