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VOLTER is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers in the Czech Republic. Our company develops and manufactures various models of CNC machines for machining a wide range of materials. VOLTER is located in Kolin, 60 km from Prague.


High reliability and performance, advanced design and software solutions are the features of our machines. All this has earned the respect and confidence of users. VOLTER machines are installed and operated in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Our task is not only to develop modern equipment and deliver it to the customer, but also to provide service and maintenance, availability of spare parts for many years after the sale.


VOLTER customers have the option to choose and order CNCs with a wide range of configurations which meet their specific production needs. From a single piece to large scale production. Thanks to the highly professional engineering solutions of our specialists, our customers get the most efficient equipment.


VOLTER CNC routers are supplied and maintained through a global network of authorized dealers. Our dealer network includes more than 15 dealerships in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia.
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