The VOLTER L series CNC Routers offer a wide range of options and configuration to exactly meet customer needs. 

These machines have large selection of processing area from 1,610*1,610mm to 8,200*2,150mm. They are flexible and professional solution for any business.

Due to the heavy steel frames with thermal stabilization and high accuracy processing of steel frames by 5-axis machining center, these machines keep high accuracy of processing for all sizes of processing areas.

Model range
Basic configuration
Controller VOLTER CS
Max travel speed on X and Y axes, mm./sec. 500
Max travel speed on Z axis mm./sec. 100
Max thickness of material , mm. 160
Spindle power, kW from 4.5 to 10
Spindle rotation speed, RPM from 1 000  to 24 000
Tool clamping Mechanical or pneumatic
Type of drives for X and Y axes Servo, planetary gear heads, helical racks
Type of drive for Z axis Servo, ball screw
Control panel 15" touch monitor
Model Processing area Dimensions Weight, kg
VOLTER L1616 1 610* 1 610 mm 2 700 * 2 100 * 1 600 mm 900
VOLTER L2016 2 200 * 1 610 mm 3 300 * 2 100 * 1 600 mm 1 200
VOLTER L3016 3 200 * 1 610 mm 4 300 * 2 100 * 1 600 mm 1 500
VOLTER L3020 3 200 * 2 150 mm 4 300 * 2 600 * 1 600 mm 1 800
VOLTER L4016 4 200 * 1 610 mm 5 300 * 2 100 * 1 600 mm 1 800
VOLTER L4020 4 200 * 2 150 mm 5 300 * 2 600 * 1 600 mm 2 200
VOLTER L6016 6 200 * 1 610 mm 7 300 * 2 100 * 1 600 mm 2 600
VOLTER L6020 6 200 * 2 150 mm 7 300 * 2 600 * 1 600 mm 3 100
VOLTER L8020 8 200 * 2 150 mm 9 300 * 2 600 * 1 600 mm 4 000


Basic configuration:

  • Vacuum table
  • Tool length sensor
  • Brush foot
  • Laser pointer


  • Tool lubricator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Dust collector 3kW with 2 bags
  • Dust collector MasterVac TS220
  • Tangential knife
  • IP camera
  • Extended Z axis clearance
  • Drag knife
  • Vectric VCarve Pro software 
VECTRIC VCarve Pro software

VECTRIC VCarve Pro software to create and prepare 2D and 3D files for CNC Routers. Large selection of formats for importing files, intuitive interface.

Vacuum pump

7.5 kW vortex blower are supplied complete with an air filter, pressure gauge and safety valve. It does not require servicing during its entire life cycle.

Dust collector 3 kW with 2 bags

The 3 kW dust collector with two bags is designed to collect chips generated during the processing of materials. The chips are collected in removable bags that are attached to the body of the dust collector.

Dust collector MasterVac TS220

Reliable and high efficient dust collector with fabric filter and low noise level

Tangential knife

The blade automatically rotates in the direction of cutting. Stepper motor is used to rotate the blade. It is possible to cut various materials by this knife: plastics, leather, fabrics, corrugated cardboard.

The oscillation mode of the blade allows to cut honeycomb materials, rubber and other soft materials.

Helical racks

Helical racks set in X and Y axes. It increases the accuracy and quality of processing, reduce noise and vibrations during moving.

Vacuum hold down

The vacuum hold down is the most progressive method for fixation of the processed material on the processing area of a CNC Router. The system includes a vacuum table, a system of tubes and valves, as well as a vacuum pump.

This system can have from 4 to 12 zones depending on the size of the processing area of the machine.

Automatic tool changer

This system automatically changes tools during processing. It lets to save time for jobs which need several tools for processing.

Controller saves length of each tool in the system. As result, it is not nesesarry to measure tool length after changing of a tool by this system.

VOLTER automatic tool changer has 7 positions for tools.

Tool length sensor

The sensor allows to measure the length of the bit quickly and accurately. It is enough to push a button on touch screen monitor. Results of this measurement will be saved in the controller, which prevents damage of the working surface of the machine.


VOLTER CNC Routers have air-cooled  spindles from HITECO (Italy) company with power from 4 to 10 kW. ER32 collets are used for all spindles. There is a choice between spindles with pneumatic or mechanical clamping. The maximum rotation speed is 24 000 RPM.

IP camera

The option allows to cut the printed image along the contour. When preparing a file for printing, marks are added to the file — black circles with a diameter of 5-8 mm placed behind the contour of the image to be cut.

Printed image is placed on the machine and after starting the job, the camera checks locations of marks. Special software of the machine make adjustments to the job file. It lets to cut printed image exactly on the contour regardless of geometric distortions encountered in print and location of printed image on the machine.

Tool lubricator

The system carries out a dosed supply to the cutting zone of lubricant emulsion or air flow. Continuous supply of lubricant (in the form of oil mist) or compressed air lets to maximize tool lifetime, improve  quality of processing and increase speed of processing.  It is necessary to connect an external pressed air supply with a working pressure of at least 6 bar to operate this lubrication system.

Drag knife

This knife is efficient and reliable solution for cutting polymer materials and corrugated board. The main application is cutting along the contour of figures from corrugated cardboard, sheet vinyl, and other polymer sheets. The principle of operation of this knife is that the cutter has free rotation. Tip of the blade due has displacement relative to the axis of rotation. As result, the knife is turned by the cutting edge in the direction of tool movement due to the material resistance.

Pressure foot

This device press on the material around cutting tool to provide high-quality processing of uneven and flexible materials. It is recommended for the processing of warped or curved sheets of a rigid material (for example, aluminum) and for the processing of thin and soft materials.  This device can be also used to remove chips and dust during cutting.

Brush foot

Designed to remove chips and waste from cutting zone.

Chips fall into a special chamber mounted on the spindle and are removed through a special pipe into the dust collector.

VOLTER Pneumatic Locator Pins (PLP) System

VOLTER Pneumatic Locator Pins lets to improve the performance of our machines for repeatable placement of cutting materials on table.

This system has 2 modes: hand and auto. In hand mode operator can raise and lower locator pins by button on touch screen monitor. In auto mode pins raise after finish of job and lower after start of new job.

Two rows of pneumatic cylinders make the material placement process faster and more precise.

Phenolic vacuum table

The phenolic vacuum table provides a stronger vacuum pressure of the material on the surface. Almost perfectly flat working surface. Almost perfectly flat work surface. This solution allows quick replacement of the exposed layer on the working surface of the machine. It is an excellent choice for working with plastic, acrylic, composite and leather.

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