Next installation of VOLTER 2016 was done near the town of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. Radim Schweika (Radim Svejka), the owner of his private company which produces industrial electronic components and provides them to EU countries, spoke about two months experience in operating VOLTER CNC Router:
“We chose this machine from a Czech manufacturer for several reasons. We liked the massive machine design and weight, which ensures its reliability and high accuracy of the tool positioning. Specifications of the equipment fully comply with our requirements. In addition, VOLTER machines have a wide range of configurations, and if you need a non-standard configuration, as was in our case, then here the company will consider your wishes and complement the equipment with the necessary options. Any questions that arose during the operation of the machine were promptly resolved by the company's service department.
We were also pleased with the time of manufacture and delivery of VOLTER CNC Router. And the “cherry on the cake” for us was the nearness of the manufacturer to our company. ”