Do you produce #ACP #facades, doors, windows or would you like?
Alu Enterijer company is Volter machine user from Novi Sad, Serbia. They told us about their experience of #CNCRouter using: 
“Main activity in Alu Enterijer company is producing PVC and aluminum doors and windows and our plan is to increase our business with producing ACP facades.
Volter Tech delivered us machine in November 2017. And we bought machine for producing aluminum composite panels.
Volter 4020 model helps us to produce lots of tables per day with great speed and precision without loosing money to pay others companies for producing ACP with lower speed and precision.
With this machine we can produce about 120 sqm of ACP per day. In two shifts we can cut ACP for our business and for others companies. Our plan is to become leader in cutting ACP in our area.
On presentation of Volter machine in Kolin we were very pleased with cutting speed, power of vacuum table and construction of machine. Also, we like robust design, massive steel profiles and very good price”.