CNC Routers from Czech Republic

What is the service life of spindles?

The service life of spindles depends on the following factors: the correct choice of the cutting parameters, the quality of the mills used, and the materials to be processed. The service life of a spindle ranges from 3 to 6 years.

How many hours can the machine work without interruption?

All VOLTER equipment is designed for 24-hour continuous operation.

Do we need to call an engineer to maintain the machine?

During the installation and start-up of the equipment, Volter service engineers teach the operator the skills necessary to operate and to maintain the machine. Standard maintenance takes about 20 minutes per month and is performed by operators on their own.

What is the memory capacity of the machine?

The maximum amount of files in the folder of the VOLTER CS controller, which stores user files, is 2GB. However, we do not recommend storing a large number of files. The operator will find it difficult to navigate and to find out the necessary files.

We prepare our files using CorelDraw. Do we need any other software to send files to the machine?

The scope of delivery of VOLTER machinery includes the ArtCAM Express package, in which you can create control programs for any vector files or 3D models. For faster preparation of files for simple parts, PLT file processing with bypassing the preparation of the control program is possible. You only need to specify the necessary parameters on the machine.